Current Version:  BETA

Mictionary Beta

This new website aims to offer several services in order to compare microphones sounds, to analyse microphones behaviors and to explore recording technics. Whether you are a sound engineer, musician, producer or just someone interested in the art of recording, mictionary.net gives you audio samples that allows you to form your own vision and opinion.

This educational concept also invite you to contribute to its content thanks to your own article propositions through The Forum Section. Following our Comparison Protocol, your absolute, distance, slope or any other comparison suggestions are very welcomed.

Plus, you will find other useful sections in the forum such as Discussions About Microphones and Discussions About Recording Techniques.

Future Goals

Mictionary 1.0

Mictionary Software Preview

Mictionary Application

Mictionary 1.0 will offer a software that can play our audio samples. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, users will be able to listen to each samples through a successive solo mode. This concept will also be available on mobile devices.

This small sequencer will not be developed in order to compete with professional ones, but on the contrary, to propose a simpler and quicker way to manipulate our audio samples.

Using specific parameters, you will also be able to randomly listen to those samples without their file names. This option, among others, is especially interesting for absolute comparisons because it allows you to find the sound you are looking for with the only use of your ears and without disruptive visual aspects.

Mictionary 2.0


Mictionary Index

Mictionary 2.0 will offer an indexing service.  Thanks to this extra concept, you will be able to find any technical informations you need about any microphones such as: Type, directivity, frequency response, sensitivity, sound pressure level, impedance, dimensions, and more.

Also, all comparison articles from the website will operate automatic links for every mentioned microphones. In this way, Mictionary 2.0 will combine audio and visual informations.

This index will be available directly form the website. Later, mictionary 2.5 will propose you to add personal technical informations according to a measurement protocol.

Mictionary 3.0


Mictionary Transformer

Mictionary 3.0 will propose a microphone modular service where people can treat their own samples in order to compare different microphones sounds in real time.

The engaged technology will mainly rely on re-equaliser, but over time, more sophisticated aspects such as source position, harmonics or saturation will be implemented in the mechanism.

If some results would not be satisfactory, users will still be able to listen to permanent samples for each microphones.

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